Sunday, May 17, 2015

No more Makeup Meltdown!

No More Makeup Meltdown!Batty eye makeup that won't move when you do.

You finish your workout and you go to the restroom to wash up. What you see in the mirror resembles a wet raccoon that lost a round of paintball. Before you started your workout, your eyes looked flawless! They were precisely lined and shadowed and you looked like a gothic princess. Now you look like you barely survived a paint war!

It's difficult to find sweat-proof makeup techniques that won't take you an hour to apply, but the answer to your woes of meltdown is really quite simple. You don't need layers of this and layers of that and powders and blotting. All you really need is a GOOD primer. 

There are many eye makeup primers on the market today, and I've tried more than a handful. They range in price from around $7-$30 or more. I've tried all of the price ranges, and the good news is that the one that works the best for me is the cheapest! Wet 'n Wild Fergie is not only inexpensive and very effective, but it's also around $7. It out-performed Urban Decay, L'Oreal and all of the others I tried. PLUS, it's vegan and cruelty free!

There are a few tips to keep in mind when applying it:

  • It dries FAST. Have all of your colors and tools ready to use before applying the primer. It's only workable and blendable when wet, and I'd estimate that it dries in 30 seconds.
  • Because of the above, you may need to apply it a little at a time. For example, if you're using eyeshadow on your lids and below your lash line, you may want to apply the primer to the lid first, then your eyeshadow, then apply primer below your lash line and then the shadow for that area.
  • A little goes a long way. You only need the smallest amount for it to be effective. It sometimes dries white, so avoid putting it on too heavy or in areas that will not be covered with color.
  • Use a very small or flat makeup brush to apply the primer to smaller areas, such as under the lash line.

With that being said, enjoy this fun and batty budge-proof eyeshadow tutorial! This is the official Bats and Dumbells makeup look! If you try it, please share your look in the comments section!

The products I used are as follows:

Removal is a bit tricky. This look REALLY STAYS ON. Usually, coconut oil will take off any stubborn makeup I apply, but not in this case. Shy of using a chisel, I recommend Manic Panic Dream Remover.

More stay-in-place makeup tips will follow in the future, so be sure to subscribe to this blog so you don't miss a thing.

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